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From Deep in the Crates: An Atmospheric DNB Mix

Music Masters turntables

Did you know that one upon a time, I was a club DJ? Not only that, but I got my start playing drum and bass in the clubs around Jacksonville, Florida in the early 2000’s. You’re right, that’s a pretty long ways from being a wedding DJ, but you know what? It still influences the way I play today in a big way.

I found this mix this weekend while I was cleaning up my iTunes database. It was unlabeled, so I’m not really sure when I made it. My guess is somewhere around 2007. I dug pretty deep into my record crates to make this one with a few tunes being from the very beginning of LTJ Bukem’s  Good Looking Records catalogue along with some of my other favorite artists like Blame, who incidentally, DJ’d by birthday back in 2004.

Take a listen!