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Uplighting for Weddings

Uplighting at a kiana lodge wedding

Uplighting can go a long way to creating the romantic ambiance you want for your wedding. Up lighting done right can completely change the feel of a venue. When up lighting is done wrong it cheapens the atmosphere and can ruin your wedding decor. Here are some tips for getting the effect you want that will wow your guests and create a jaw-dropping effect.  Continue reading

How to Pick Wedding Ceremony Music That Won’t Bore You to Death

music masters dj wedding rosehill community center mukilteo washington bainbridge island seattle

Yes, we all know that traditional wedding ceremony music isn’t particularly exciting. Fear not. There is hope! You can do this without boring yourself to tears (and save the tears for your vows). Great wedding ceremony music puts your personal twist on traditional ideas. Let’s start by understanding what the tradition is, then we’ll talk about how to (mostly) ignore it and go your own way.
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