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New Music from Augustines!


Now, you know I’m a music geek. I’m also kind of a locavore, so I really geek out when I find great new music that’s also local.

Enter the new album from Seattle band Augustines, formerly We Are Augustines. I first heard this on KEXP in October and they dragged out the release FOREVER!

Well, it’s finally out and you need this! Really, you need it!

How to Pick Wedding Ceremony Music That Won’t Bore You to Death

music masters dj wedding rosehill community center mukilteo washington bainbridge island seattle

Yes, we all know that traditional wedding ceremony music isn’t particularly exciting. Fear not. There is hope! You can do this without boring yourself to tears (and save the tears for your vows). Great wedding ceremony music puts your personal twist on traditional ideas. Let’s start by understanding what the tradition is, then we’ll talk about how to (mostly) ignore it and go your own way.
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Come See Us at Lovesick Expo!


Lovesick Expo Seattle 2014

Yep, this is happening in our very own Seattle! Expect a day totally full of Seattle awesomeness brought to you by our area’s coolest vendors. There will be fashion shows. There will be burlesque shows. There will be music, including a DJ set from moi.

Want to know what this little hootenanny will look like? Check out the video from last year’s expos!

Lovesick 2013: Brooklyn, Philly, & Boston from Lovesick Inc on Vimeo.

DJ Set From C89.5

music masters dj seattle bainbridge island washington

The past week I’ve been going through a lot of the deep, dark corners of my music database. What I have here is a set that I played on C89.5 a few years ago. It was a pretty awesome opportunity to play this show since playing mobile events can be a little musically restricting. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but I do have tons of music that will probably never see the light of day and this was a rare opportunity to play some of my favorite tunes.

This rides the line between progressive house and trance and is pretty high energy throughout. Enjoy!

May 2008 Mix on C89.5 by John Wood on Mixcloud

It’s 80s Time!

music masters dj 80's seattle bainbridge island

Did you know that I like the 80’s? Ok, so that’s an understatement. I fergin love the 80’s and I know the music inside and out! Once upon a time, I worked at an 80’s club night and got to work for some pretty awesome crowds that let me get away with playing just about anything.

During that time, I recorded a bunch of my club sets and here is just one of them.

This mix starts of a bit post-punkish, runs into full-on italo disco, and ends up in full 80’s dance mode. Enjoy!

80’s Mix by John Wood on Mixcloud

Top 10 Albums of 2013

kexp 2013 top albums countdown

It’s that time of year again! Time to wrap up and look at the year behind us before the new year begins. Of course, this means lots of top such and such lists of the year. 2013 was an incredible year for music and looking back has me totally blown away by how many great albums came out this year!

KEXP has been running their top 10 lists for the last week or so and taking votes from their listeners to compile their top 90.3 albums of 2013. Of course I had to play along! Here’s my list: Continue reading