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Awesome Accessible Wedding at Islandwood

Music masters wedding islandwood

W’re fortunate enough at Music Masters to get to work with lots of amazing couples. Even among the great people we work with, there are some who really stand out and really amaze you with their background and who they are as people. One of these couples was Eve and Bob, who I was fortunate enough to work with on their wedding at Islandwood this past May. Continue reading

Come See Us at Lovesick Expo!


Lovesick Expo Seattle 2014

Yep, this is happening in our very own Seattle! Expect a day totally full of Seattle awesomeness brought to you by our area’s coolest vendors. There will be fashion shows. There will be burlesque shows. There will be music, including a DJ set from moi.

Want to know what this little hootenanny will look like? Check out the video from last year’s expos!

Lovesick 2013: Brooklyn, Philly, & Boston from Lovesick Inc on Vimeo.

First Wedding at Manor House

Music Masters dj's at a wedding at The Manor House on Bainbridge Island

So, I finally got the chance to play a wedding at the Manor House! If you didn’t know, Bainbridge Island has been sorely lacking in the event space category for a long time now. Just last year, the Manor House opened up in Pleasant Beach and I’ve been itching to work there since I first saw it being remodeled. Of course, I got lots of opportunities to see it during many dinners across the street at Treehouse Cafe. That area is also one of my favorite run spots since it’s exactly a 10k when you run from Treehouse to Toe Jam Hill and back AND when you get done, there’s Treehouse waiting for you!

First off, it’s gorgeous inside. They’ve done an amazing job remodeling inside and the furniture, outdoor gardens, outdoor dining area complete with a fireplace and canopy and the open ceilings with exposed beams inside make for a great atmosphere inside and out. Continue reading

Two Brides, Two Grooms, One Awesome Wedding!

Music Masters DJ's a same sex wedding at Kitsap Memorial State Park in Poulsbo

Sometimes, well a lot of times, it’s amazing to live in the state of Washington. Last year, we passed Referendum 74, making is one of the first two states to legalize same sex marriage! Almost immediately, we started getting calls about dj’ing same sex weddings, and we couldn’t have been more excited! Continue reading