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Kiana Lodge Weddings

Kiana Lodge is one of our absolute favorite venues. Located right on the Agate Pass with six acres of lush lawn and gardens, Kiana really embodies everything great about the Northwest.

We DJ’d our first wedding at Kiana Lodge in 2008 and have worked there many times since. We are intimately familiar with the venue, staff and all the insider secrets about making your wedding there perfect!

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Take a look at some of our Kiana Lodge weddings!


Music masters DJs a wedding at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo

Forrest and Samantha’s Kiana Lodge Wedding

It took me a long time to process just how great this Kiana Lodge wedding was. The couple was super organized and had a really clear vision of how they wanted their day to feel, but they also knew how to let their hair down and have FUN! Here’s my wrap-up of the day with […]

Music Masters DJ's a wedding at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, WA

Eric and Keely’s Kiana Lodge Wedding

There’s a brutal truth about weddings in the Pacific Northwest: the weather outside of July 5th (trust me on the 5th) and Labor Day is a total crapshoot. Well, Eric and Keely struck gold with their early May wedding with a glorious, sunny and warm day at the iconic Kiana Lodge.

Music Masters DJ's a wedding at Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo, WA

Fall Wedding at Kiana Lodge

The funny thing about working at a venue as often as I’m at Kiana Lodge is that  you get the same space as imagined by different couples. I just love seeing the spin each couple puts on the already gorgeous Kiana Lodge, and these guys really went all-out for this amazing fall wedding. 

italian wedding at kiana lodge in poulsbo washington with music masters dj

Italian Wedding at Kiana Lodge

Sometimes you just get a good vibe about a wedding. Maybe the couple just has that certain personality. Or maybe its the guests as they start showing up. My gut rarely fails me though, and this time it was spot on. This wedding was going to be pure magic!

music masters dj wedding kiana lodge

Solstice Wedding at Kiana Lodge

If you’ve spend much time in the Pacific Northwest, you know that the length of a day changes drastically through the year. In December, it can seem like it’s 8pm all day long and it will be pitch black by 4:30. In the summer, however, we get our payback!

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Mike and Marissa’s Wedding at Kiana Lodge

Every once in a while, you have a wedding at the right venue with the right couple and the right guests. Well, that was last night! I love the Garden Atrium at Kiana Lodge! All timber framing is amazing and the acoustics are really great. You can really rock out that dancefloor!

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